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Acondicionadora de vapor
Reduce presión y atempera
De 3" a 24" (otros por pedido)
Diseño globo o ángulo
Clase 150# a 1500#
Acero al carbono, Cromo Molibdeno
Acero al Carbono, Inoxidable, Cromo Molibdeno
Otros materiales por pedido

Steaming Conditioning Solutions

Dresser Masoneilan offers a complete line of steam conditioning valves for applications which require both pressure and temperature reduction in an integrated package. The SteamForm® product line combines more than 125 years of Dresser Masoneilan pressure reduction expertise with the latest in desuperheating technology to provide a highly efficient and reliable steam conditioning solution.

Selection Criteria

The 84000 Series steam conditioning valve is uniquely engineered for each application. This includes custom trim selection, body orientation, material, inlet size, outlet size and desuperheater construction. Custom engineering provides for the best possible solution for each steam conditioning application, combining an integrated solution for high pressure letdown along with downstream steam temperature control and reduction

Key Features

The 84000 Series steam conditioning valve provides optimal desuperheating with variable geometry spray nozzle technology. Superior water mixing is achieved by first directing the steam flow towards the center-line of the pipe using Dresser Masoneilan’s patented Flow Profiler technology. The optimal spray penetration coupled with the radial nozzle placement, provides the most efficient desuperheating performance in steam conditioning valves on the market today. The pressure reduction section integrates field-proven technologies used in other Dresser Masoneilan product lines, including Lo-dB and V-LOG Energy Management Trim designs.


Improved efficiency of the desuperheating function provided by the Dresser Masoneilan 84000 Series directly correlates with improved operating efficiency of the overall process. It also helps avoid potential issues with downstream impingement and damage to the pipe walls due to water droplets which have not properly evaporated into the high temperature steam flow. The 84000 Series' pressure reducing section provides optimized multi-stage high pressure letdown along with field-proven noise reduction technology. The result is highly reliable functionality and operating efficiencies. The 84000 Series trim design also compensates for thermal expansion and reliable seat tightness performance to improve critical equipment longevity.

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